Ultra Durable Cut Series – Granite Gray


Size: S-XL

High Performance Level 5 Protection, Food Grade Our Ultra Durable Series of food-grade safe Cut-Resistant Gloves are the perfect pairing of safety and utility for the modern-day chef and culinary professional. Whether you are looking for a little extra protection when chopping, cutting, grating, slicing, or even oyster shucking in the kitchen, or are engaged in rugged utility work around the household and backyard, these comfortable gloves will protect your hands from cuts, scrapes and abrasions. For added versatility and capability, these gloves also feature interwoven touch-screen compatible threading within the index and thumb to allow them to be used with smart devices. The large range of sizes and machine washable fabric makes these gloves an excellent option to have on hand at both work and home.


  • ANSI Cut Level 5 (A5) Cut Resistance
  • 13 Gauge Fiber and Knitted Glass Fabric
  • Woven Lightweight Elastic & Stretchy Nylon with Spandex
  • Touch-Screen Compatible Threading Woven into Index and Thumb Tips
  • Ideal Use For Food Preparing, Cutting, Grating, Slicing, or even Oyster Shucking in Kitchen, Wood Carving, Carpentry, and More…
  • Machine Washable and Made From 100% Food Safe Material
  • Large Range of Sizes to Provide Excellent Protection For All Ages

Ultra Durable Cut Series – Granite Gray

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